Comparing the two Types of Parking Syatems
If you own a vehicle, they you understand the advantage of a parking system. As the garage owner, you have to decide whether you need the gated or the metered parking system. This illustrates that the gated systems are more prominent than the metered systems in America. This question is usually frequent when a certain person, such as an investor is looking for a parking solution.
It is correct to say that the range of the parking solution is an important factor. However, it is not the only factor that parking owners should put under consideration. The assessment was conducted by these professionals in the city of Miami. The evaluation also explained the situations where metered parking systems are very appropriate. On the other hand, the metered parking systems are more appropriate for street parking. This particular parking system also has several financial advantages.
The initial investment is a very important factor to consider when you are comparing the two types of systems that can be installed in a parking space. Once you have installed the parking systems, you should remember that you have to spend money maintaining it.
According to one of the parking consultants, the initial expenses of a gated parking system is approximately twenty five percent of the annual revenue that the parking system is projected to earn in the first year. This information explains that the costs of the metered parking systems would be regained in around six weeks after the construction or installation. When making the decision, you need to keep in mind the equipment that you will require to complete the project.
For your parking lot to be complete, you also need to have the servers and the workstations. The tools required in a metered parking system are the meters themselves. Power and communication tools are important in such a system because the car owners will need to do a transaction either at the entrance or exit. Those who install the metered parking systems usually completes it even in a day.
This means that a parking system can serve you for more than eight years whether it has a gate or not. The length of service depends on many factors, such as the climate, use, as well as maintenance. The maintenance costs include the warranty and the maintenance of the tools. This way, they will not require any maintenance fee in case the moving parts are in an excellent condition.
You need to have the right number of employees if you want your garage and parking system to run smoothly and earn the approximated revenues. The operational cost of the metered parking is system is hence totally different from that of the gated parking system.

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