Women are a symbol of beauty and tenderness since birth. They need care and love, and especially a wonderful jewel. Children's earrings are the first jewel that a little princess gets. Material of white or yellow gold, possibly silver. Unusual and captivous shapes and embedded rhinestones will make the princess literally a queen. Suitable for the moment of birth, but also during the early life to various other occasions. Easily lockable, so the princess can not lose what is usual for small branches.
For Pride and Beauty
A woman, as a creature of a gentle generation, deserves to be endoated and preferably with beautiful jewellery from birth. Children's earrings are a very suitable form of gratitude for the birth of a daughter, a little girl or a granddaughter. Thanks to a varied selection, you can choose gold or silver and oleed rhinestones of different colors for a small lady. Jewellery accented the beauty and glamour of women, so why not start from birth?