The approaching summer ice cream inherently belongs, and therefore our offer is really luxurious! We offer powdered mixtures for the production of draught ice creams, namely mixtures flavored with strawberries, vanilla, yogurt, chocolate, lemon and full, full, other fruits!
We offer you 62 kinds of ice creams with flavors in 3 product ranges. The offer includes: 19 Creamy ice cream types, 21 scum creams, 11 kinds of fruit sorbets, 10 NATUR sorbets made from fresh fruit, and one DIA light-draught icecream.
You + US + draught ice cream-ours!
So under this slogan I seriously sign. And if he likes to taste it, he wants the right Czech ice cream from us! Do not forget about yourself or your children. Right-hand ice cream is ours!