It's hard to talk about it, we don't do it at home. Girls think of it somewhere in a restaurant or café, when they go to slander their men, but the guys are either tired of it or they are too big dreamers and they interpret nonsense that are not true. There are men who have a really rich experience and so they have something to instruct you, but this is another man as a listener, so we prefer not to listen to these bores, because it seems to us that they are only a mess and that they never did. In short, even if you have the experience, it is not good because it puts you in bad light.
We don't do it at home
This area, therefore, of our intimate life, is a taboo for some of us. Some are tired of it, or between partners or spouses. They do it in the same classic way, and they don't seem to know anything weird about it. But there are people who like to talk about it or like to try new things. These things can also be erotic massages for gentlemen who like to have a bit of the unbiased excitement that can get here without any other offers for sex or directly sexual acts. This is what some men have appreciated so much that they would have given everything they have.