Advertising Textiles

Take advantage of our promotion and advertising experience. We offer branded advertising textiles in all the desired designs and create a collection for your company. We will dress up your employees and donate your clients.

T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, sports advertising textiles, work clothing and more, we will help you tastefully adapt to the colors and ideas of your company. As well as gifts like bags, hats, umbrellas for your clientele. You will be surprised by the effect, up to the street you meet someone with your logo.
Meaningful advertising

We carefully choose the assortment with the help of designers. They are simple little things that, however, are purposefully subconscious. Printing on promotional textiles will be arranged according to your requirements at very pleasant prices.

Holidays spent at the Adriatic Sea

For all fans of swimming in the sea and sunbathing on the endless beaches, we have a temption offer. Head to Croatia. With us you have the opportunity to get a holiday in any region along the entire Croatian coast. With Croatia holidays you enjoy the beautiful warm and sunny weather, swimming in the azure blue sea. Leave with us you will not regret.
Croatia This is an ideal location for a holiday with the whole family
Many of our citizens prefer a seaside holiday. Which way to try Croatia? You will surely meet all your expectations for a beautiful holiday. Your children enjoy the real thing. Croatia is not too far away, so even small children can easily handle the trip to Croatia. Private apartments or private rooms will be waiting for you on the Croatian coast. Croatia holidays is amazing.

Suitable for entertainment for festive occasions

Our ice cream can also serve as a great hospitality for a variety of family occasions. Someone prefers them to have desserts or other sweets. You can buy them in a number of places. Choose our supermarkets, for example. In summer, you can also get them in the pastry shops. You will see that your guests welcome it. Shut it down with us. Your children and guests will be sure to support you.
We love it in every implementation
Have you decided to buy our ice cream? We are very pleased. I'm sure it will taste for you too. It is found in many variants. Choose one of them and go ahead. We will allow you to be pleasantly cooled. This is especially important when outdoors is very hot. If you are interested in it, just contact us anytime. We look forward to cold goodies.

Dogs and cats?

Do you suffer from eternal self-esteem and have long been failing in your love life? You come home and only four walls await you? Get yourself a four-legged pet that will make you a company in moments of solitude and sorrow! Do you have grandchildren? Donate them to a dog or a cat and see how you will be grateful. They will be worried about their feeding and walking and will learn responsibility. Get tips for great gifts with free advertising!
Do you have a financial distress?
Are you in a difficult life situation and would you need to obtain a small sum of money to make you feel better? With free advertising, you have the chance to bargain private loans! If you want to look into the future and find out when happiness smiles at you, let yourself unload cards from experienced astromishers.

Cars, according to your Gusta

The choice of perfect and beautiful vehicles, whether for business trips, your wedding, vacation, weekend stays, or a short lease for one day, is really very diverse. In the menu there are many kinds of brands, color types, types and sizes that you can choose, according to your tastes. All selection is up to you and your requirements. Take a look at our types and choose the kind you want. Our car rental company is happy to meet you.

An elegant ride for everyone
The cars you can choose from us offer not only high safety and perfect comfort, but also a luxurious and elegant ride. They are in many modern versions, and according to your wishes, you simply choose their types. The choice is very diverse and you can choose from us the types, brands and types, colors and sizes you like. Car Rental is a perfect helper for everyone.

Gentle Beauty already Demalinka

Women are a symbol of beauty and tenderness since birth. They need care and love, and especially a wonderful jewel. Children's earrings are the first jewel that a little princess gets. Material of white or yellow gold, possibly silver. Unusual and captivous shapes and embedded rhinestones will make the princess literally a queen. Suitable for the moment of birth, but also during the early life to various other occasions. Easily lockable, so the princess can not lose what is usual for small branches.
For Pride and Beauty
A woman, as a creature of a gentle generation, deserves to be endoated and preferably with beautiful jewellery from birth. Children's earrings are a very suitable form of gratitude for the birth of a daughter, a little girl or a granddaughter. Thanks to a varied selection, you can choose gold or silver and oleed rhinestones of different colors for a small lady. Jewellery accented the beauty and glamour of women, so why not start from birth?

For your help every day

We offer you such kinds of helpers, with which you will be working daily from your hand, in your warehouses or halls. Only our racks will provide you with help in your work, or will serve you well, as a perfect storage of your products, products or any kind of goods. Just with us, you also have the options of choice, from which you can choose them from sizes, supporting structures, and all this, at your discretion.
Choose your Helpers
Choose your assistants, according to personal wishes, needs and requirements, on their size, overall dimensions, types of their material and construction types, but also from such modern styles that you enjoy. Believe that you will surely be very pleased with their high and in US always only guaranteed quality, which is in the greatest values. Our racks are super.

Do you like classics? Give yourself vanilla-spun ice cream

The approaching summer ice cream inherently belongs, and therefore our offer is really luxurious! We offer powdered mixtures for the production of draught ice creams, namely mixtures flavored with strawberries, vanilla, yogurt, chocolate, lemon and full, full, other fruits!
We offer you 62 kinds of ice creams with flavors in 3 product ranges. The offer includes: 19 Creamy ice cream types, 21 scum creams, 11 kinds of fruit sorbets, 10 NATUR sorbets made from fresh fruit, and one DIA light-draught icecream.
You + US + draught ice cream-ours!
So under this slogan I seriously sign. And if he likes to taste it, he wants the right Czech ice cream from us! Do not forget about yourself or your children. Right-hand ice cream is ours!

Expose your goods

Each person will be looking for something one day, and someone can sell the same thing. Don't let such things happen to chance, and if you need anything to sell or buy, don't hesitate to use our portal. With us you will find free advertisements of all different formats with all sorts of goods.

Free classifieds are not overlooked, and you will see that everyone notices, the ever-expanding offer and demand will help you find your destination when it comes to selling or buying. Buy or sell anything, our free ads will give you the best results you can find.
Whatever you do

We can sell or buy it all. From the ice, through the briefs for your little boy, up to the fence to the garden. Our offer of advertisements is very large, so it will not be a problem with us to find exactly what you need.

Beautiful Holiday for Everyone

Are you going with your family on holiday and need a great accommodation for her, preferably in nature? We have a great offer to solve the problem of accommodation, so you do not have to live in an expensive hotel. We offer chalets and cottages for rent, for the crack and the lowest prices. You can take your whole family without difficulty and you will live great, in nature and in private.

Beautiful living in nature
We have a super type for you to live in private, in nature and with the whole family for a spout. We offer chalets and cottages for rent. They are beautiful, reconstructed, in an older or modern style and especially in nature, and therefore are super for holidays for the whole family. You can choose the location where you want to spend your holiday and the accommodation in them is a spout.